March 05, 2007

Waiting for the 3rd . . .

What are the odds that in my less than ten years of teaching law, I'd be able to say I taught law to two Bb. Pilipinas Universe winners?*

After my Research Assistant won that major beauty title over the weekend, I now find myself unable to attract applications for a second RA apparently because interested parties think all my RAs should be beauty queen material; this would have been so funny except that those applications I’ve already gotten are from male law students. Come to think of it, that makes it even funnier.

In the meantime, there's hope for beauty contests if a 22-year old who lists among her talents "case digest making" (and this I can attest to, as she practically wrote half a case book that's attributed to me) can win the top prize.

Congratulations Tere; for someone to whom the decision to join didn't come easily, this one looked easy for you because you worked extremely hard for it.

*And both were in my criminal procedure class.


Anonymous said...

Sir, the prospective -ahem- applicants want to know what the qualifications are.


TED said...


I guess the minimum would be "good case digests" and the ability to analyze and express oneself--that's regardless of gender.

The search is over, however, I already have my 2d RA; thanks.

feliz said...

wow. pressure. hehe.

Tere said...

kaya mo yan sis, ikaw pa. :) good choice sir. i hope i still get to be the other RA come june.

TED said...

@ Tere: The Dean signed both your appointment papers already--Feliz's starting March, yours starting June. Let's just burn the bridge when we get there, i.e., when you win in May.