March 05, 2007

Pichay and Posters

I never thought I'd find anything nice to say about Ben Abalos, the COMELEC Chair. As the last week ended, however, he had a sound bite that was funny; commenting on all the posters of Team Unity Senatorial wanna-be Butch Pichay that were sprouting everywhere, he said something about "pechay" being planted all over, even in cement. That merited a chuckle.

Predictably, Pichay denied any involvement either personally or by his staff; never mind that the posters looked identical to those he presumably knew about and authorized. Predictably, he cried "sabotage" and said that his opponents were trying to make it look like his staff did it so that he would be disqualified (Oh, happy day, should this happen!).

One suggestion perhaps: require all candidates to have ALL posters carry the COMELEC seal before any are posted. Similar to the cigarette packs that must contain the safety warning, all posters should have a COMELEC certification that is prominent and distinct; any poster that does not have those would clearly be unauthorized. So, posters bearing this certification that appear in a place where there should be none will then be directly attributed to the candidate whose mug appears on it.

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