February 12, 2008


1. Pathetic is how I would describe Sergio Apostol's attempt at a witty riposte to Jun Lozada's emotion-filled revelations ("They say he's a probinsyanong intsik. Bagay sa 'yo i-deport ka. Magulo ka dito.).

For crying out loud, he's Gloria Arroyo's Chief Legal Adviser. He should know that you can't deport a filipino citizen even if that person claims chinese lineage.

Now, who's causing trouble? Certainly not Jun Lozada, who was abducted at the airport by Gloria's and Mike Arroyo's minion, thereby causing a huge black eye to the country.

Apostol should know better than to attempt a quick riposte, he, of the thick tongue and even thicker brogue(remember his immortal "Madame Wetness"); but I guess he felt he had to beat the other old P.OM. (Pathetic Old Ma) in the cabinet, Raul Gonzalez, to the punch. Gonzalez is probably laughing his head off.

2. Craven is how I would describe Joker Arroyo attitude against anyone who would dare to sully the name of his benefactor, or leash holder. Remember, he ran as the sole KAMPI candidate in the last elections. Certainly, all that money should count for something. At least Judas got only thirty pieces of silver and heeded his conscience by choosing to go to the nearest tree.

Asinine is how I would describe Joker's rants against Lozada's relatives' use of the writs of habeas corpus and amparo. In the first place, why is he pissed off at Lozada who didn't file it and was the subject of those writs? As one who filed many a petition before, Joker should know that; I guess he has many reasons now to forget about those good old days, when his voice was raised in righteous indignation, and not today when his voice is just raised, period.

3. Offensive is how I would describe Lito Atienza's inept justifications at how he tried to protect Lozada. I stop here before I say anything truly libelous.

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Redster said...

Hi Ted. I wonder which cartoon character the joker should assume? The first thing that came to mind was Courage the Cowardly Dog, constant whimpering and leash and all. But Courage is actually brave most times, despite his constant comic dread of most everything aside from Muriel.

So, that's out.

What about Spongebob?