February 19, 2008

unmarketable, unbelievable

Many things have been said about Jun Lozada, or J Lo as Chel puts it in sms shorthand, but one thing nonetheless strikes me about this whole affair--the extent to which the palace spinmeisters have gone on overdrive. Haven't they heard of the adage, "where there's smoke, there's fire?" They're the ones fanning the flames by their lame denials and spin.

Two things should have been immediate in the spin control:
1. Gloria speaks.
2. Mike speaks.

The thing with spinmeisters (even with one as pleasant-sounding and easy on the eyes as USEC Lorelei Fajardo) is that people know they are reading from a script or a marketing plan and that they are basically sales personnel. The product ought to speak for itself.

Except if the product is so unmarketable that no one would buy it if it were left to market itself.


Nonetheless, we must be thankful for small favors:
1. Raul Gonzalez muzzled and leashed.
2. Sergio Apostol muzzled.
3. Cerge Remonde muzzled.

Perhaps it would not be too much to ask that Ricardo Saludo be muzzled as well. Let Toting Bunye (he of the "this is the original Garci tape" fame or notoriety) earn his keep.


Now if we could also get the lawyers--from both sides--to shut up. Regular readers will know who I'm referring to.

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