February 05, 2008

"How much are those doggies in the window?"

I did not want to dignify the travesty perpetuated by the Arroyos in the House--Mikey and Dato, in collaboration with their uncle Iggy and their parents, Mike and Gloria, and of course let's not forget the always righteously indignant Luli--simply because JDV is not my favorite person. He ranks just slightly lower than Gloria, who ranks lower than athlete's foot, which is tied with diarrhea, in my list of favorite things.

So, I will just say this--for all the talk about change in the House and the independence of that chamber, what happened last night and all the way till early morning simply cemented the one fact the people already know--the house of representatives is nothing but a stamp pad for Gloria's malacanang, with his two sons as the attack dogs and nograles now as the favorite pup (of course, he was Mike Arroyo's law school classmate).

With apologies to Patti Page, the question really boils down to this--how much are those puppies?

To their credit, not a few congressmen and congresswomen were candid enough to say that it was because of the money. It was those who tried to justify what they were doing that really almost made me vomit.

From now on, the House of Representatives is just simply the biggest kennel in the country. Of course, the Senate is no better, but at least its just the noisiest circus in town.

Rant over. Back to work.

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