February 05, 2008

Zamora's Pox

Kennel News.
One good thing that came out of the nominal voting last night and early morning on the replacement of JDV as speaker with the favored pup, Nograles, was that I got to listen to the oratory of some of those who bothered to explain their votes.

Annie Susano of QC was totally a wreck, as in, you could not understand a thing she was saying. Erin Tanada at least tried to explain why he voted yes and gave a very clear explanation of the principles he stood for. Darlene Custodio is slowly gaining a reputation as someone who speaks well, at least the few times I've heard her speak.

But among those who stood out--good or bad:

1. Salvador Escudero, in his warning to Nograles to read the transcript fo the speeches and find out what exactly it is the members of the kennel, este, the house, are saying as they abandon JDV.
2. Lanie Cayetano, who was candid enough to say that it was all because JDV did not give Taguig Pateros any money.
3. Migs Zubiri's brother (sorry dont know his name), who quoted Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as a riposte to Ronnie Zamora; how many Congressmen can quote Shakespeare from memory or on short notice? That much, I have to give him, even if he is Migs Zubiri's bro.

But the one memorable line that stood out- Ronnie Zamora saying, quoting Romeo and Juliet, "a pox on both your houses." Indeed.

Perhaps the best unspoken line might have belonged to JDV, again quoting Shakespeare but this time Julius Caesar, "Et tu, Boy?"

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